Hustlers University Results – Does it work?

Here are some examples of Hustlers University results from students who have been achieving by following the course instructions and working really hard.

Being a part of the community means you can learn from these successes and get motivated to reach the same goals.

Let’s get started!

Results from E-commerce Students

E-commerce dropshipping is a lucrative business model that allows you to sell products online without having to deal with inventory, shipping, or fulfillment. You simply find a supplier who can ship the products directly to your customers, and you earn a profit from the difference between the price you charge and the price you pay to the supplier.

Many students from the Hustlers University E-commerce campus have been making well over 40k in monthly revenue. They started by knowing nothing about e-commerce, building a website, advertising their store, and product pricing. But over time, by just following the step-by-step guides in the course, they managed to work and create online stores that generate income for them and be able to quit their job.

1. A result of a student making 13k USD in 11 days

“13k USD in 11 days. ALL FROM TIKTOK ORGANIC. 0$ SPENT ON ADS. 0.9% conversions with $220 AOV, a brand new store with all new customers. Does anybody here have any affiliate marketing experience? I want to scale this massively. I want to do what Oliver Brocato did with Tabs. This niche is absolutely untouched and has crazy potential. If you have any experience or you just wanna chat, pls add me here on TRW. Let’s network and conquer new highs together, Gs. Wish everybody that read through here an amazing day. Keep winning!” – Tartini

This was a typical case study of that new student making a lot of money after joining Hustlers University for a short amount of time, so we featured it here.

2. Other students with remarkable results

There are so much more students that are making money every day from their e-commerce store by applying what they have learned from Hustlers University 4.0. If you go into the course and join the Wins channels, you’ll find countless results from other students, trust me.

Results from Stock Investing Students

Here are some of the most prominent results from the Hustlers University Stock Investing course.

1. A student making $318.76 in one day of trading

“Very happy with this. Once I missed out on 2 of 3 trades, I didn’t let my emotions win and buy in to late on the first 2. Just settled down, Saw the opportunity on TSLA on a Big Box Break/15min TF, waited for the close and pull-back to enter and watched the magic happen. Its crazy once everything starts clicking, Extremely thankful and blessed to be a part of this campus. Thank you Professor and all those who help for what you do. I’m a little proof you are all out here changing lives.” – DBrad98

2. Another student makes $534.86 within a day

“Trades today:

1)TSLA 32% upside play BANGERRRRRR

2)another 20% scalp (risky) for SPY 419 BRK

3)80% NFLX Bangerr

4)62% NFLX BANGERRRRRRRR 376 BH to 379 cleeaaaaan exit on fib

@Lucca-D credits to my boy for perfect fib exits much love to you, brother!” – z0h41b

3. Another student making great money from day trading

“Exited my tsla swing at 194. The risk to reward ratio is off in this trade but i am happy to end the day in green. Imo there are better opportunity’s to grab in the near future and i dont want to hold into a 3 day weekend. Ended both futures and options trades well this week. Grateful to be part of the Stocks campus. Enjoy your weekends G’s 🙏” – Spezza Stock

4. Other stock investing results

Results from Freelance Copywriting Service

Here are the results of copywriting students of the Hustlers University Copywriting campus.

1. A student making $1,200 from a local business landing page copywriting

“just made 1.2k did work for a local business they are a makeup studio so they are doing a makeover course so they wanted me to do a landing page for them…(for some reason when i get a new client the first thing they ask is for a landing page idk why its weird) so its a 650R course meals included so i had to add everything…The Real World is crazy, genuinely…the game starts when you get that first money in your bank from a client..your Mindshift changes from, “ahh it doesn’t seem worth it to…”The possibilities are endless and you become this creative genius that all you wanna do is think about more ways you can help people in business, so that leads you to get better at a skill and then you get paid for being good at that skill…its mind-blowing.” – LEEleestl

2. A copywriting student making £5600

“G-entlemen, another month, another invoice of £550 hits the bank account.

It’s the third consecutive month with this retainer and my results speak for themselves. Facebook ads management and SEO work has raised the profile of my client’s business significantly on all fronts, subject to the criteria we had discussed before our work began. I spend a measly 3 – 5 hours per week on this client and I’m rolling into the coming months more confident and more skilful than any other so far. Keep pushing G’s.

Total revenue to date: £5600 📈” – Ben | Congenial Copywriter

3. A student making 6000 from a website copywriting job

“My first win from TRW! This was an old coach that started a solar company. I reached out to him per the instructions of professor @AndrewCopywriting and asked if I could interview him about the struggles of building a digital presence in the solar niche. I used what I learned from TRW to write a website for him. He was pleased and I closed him on setting up his social media pages and writing an email sequence that included in-depth information on solar for $600. Since this win back in February, I have not touched TRW. I have been incredibly lazy and have procrastinated my development. I have now restarted the bootcamps and am committed to doing what it takes to succeed as a copywriter. Let’s get some more wins men! TWR coming soon!” – rayknuckles

4. Results of a senior copywriting student in Hustlers University

“@Andrea, son of Nosh @Gutcheck Copywriting Devil applying for experienced with my first win. Built a landing page and lead magnet for $300 USD for my Miami based clients. We’re discussing another $1,000 project now as we want to stick together to push their marketing forward in all domains.

The #1 thing I recommend to anyone still chasing that first client (or anyone that has clients) is to constantly arm yourself with knowledge. Oftentimes the best thing you can do is take a step back from the constant outreach, take some time to expand your knowledge base, analyze the chess board, then attack again. Reading and observing is exactly what enhanced my marketing IQ over anything else. I have to credit the Tate brothers first for making me realize my purpose of becoming an entrepreneur. Then @AndrewCopywriting For helping me focus my desire into a high value skill that allows me to solve real business problems. And @Andrea, son of Nosh thank you brother for giving me some great insights into my work and entrepreneurial development, it means a lot to make valuable connections with the ambitious brothers in this community.

Maybe you’re still looking for that first client, or maybe you’re at the 10k per month mark – no matter where you are right now, keep pushing so that one day you can take care of the people who were there for you at your lowest.

Remember G’s failure isn’t real – The life that you have is the life that you chose.” – Captain Luka

5. Other copywriting students

These members have been making great money from their copywriting skills learned from the Hustlers University. The very beginners can make anywhere from $30 up to $100 dollars a month. Members that have taken the full course, watched all the lectures, and practiced for a few months can make thousands of dollars every week.

Hustlers University Results – Conclusion

These are all real resutls, screenshot from within the Hustlers University 4.0 App, posted by real members. If you want to see more of these results, you can join the program and navigate to the course you want to join, and see the students’ results posted in the chat channel called “Winnings”. It’s the best way to stay motivated, and learn from your peers.